Are you looking for a good and free video editing software? Once upon a time, video editing software was reserved for professionals and those who were willing to pay for expensive packs. Now, however, there’s no need to be an experienced videographer to get your hands on the best programs.

Whether you’re creating short home movies, promotional materials for work or feature-length films, there’s a host of free programs out there that can produce a quality product you’re looking for without the financial strain.
Naturally, there will be a hierarchy of programs; some only provide the simplest editing tools, and others prevent the export of longer projects, so it is essential to choose the one which is best suited to your needs. Some programs are specific to Mac or Windows operating systems or are lite versions of paid programs.

Regardless, this is a list of the best 10 free software programs to create your masterpiece – whatever it may be!

lightworks v14.5

Famously used to edit award-winning films The Wolf of War Street and The King’s Speech, Lightworks is a more advanced editing program. While feature films were undoubtedly made using the Pro version, the free version provides over 100 effects and allows you to record directly from cameras, amongst other things, making it one of the best software packages currently on the market.

As you can expect, however, it’s professional edge comes with a downside – it can take some time to master compared to your average editing software. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to produce Hollywood-level montages with ease!

shortcut list of features

At first glance, this program looks a little bare, but once you play around with it, it reveals a treasure trove of tools. One of the more high-end free programs, ShotCut’s latest release features an impressive new sketch, mask and audio visualisation features.

Have a play around and see what you can do; trimming your videos is almost effortless in this software package. Few free packages offer as many editing options that create such a professional product.

hitfilm express interface

If you’re prepared to invest a bit of time into learning a new program, then Hitfilm is another professional-level tool that comes with a free version. It has a full edit suite. Vloggers and movie buffs alike can realise the project of their dreams with its 2D and 3D composition tools.

While the download process is a bit more convoluted than their counterparts, upstart filmmakers will appreciate from its comprehensive and stylish interface.

videopad interface

Very user-friendly, this platform targets those who are looking for a platform from which they can build casual videos. Available for export into common file formats like avi, wmv, mpv. Share your favourite family moments or even create your looped gifs!

Marketing trends - Square and Portrait Videos

Supports most video formats and has a big range of effects such as object transformation and colour correction. As a non-linear editor, editing isn’t restricted to specific positions in the timeline – as an icing; it’s faster than most competitor programs.

davinci resolve interface

If you’re looking for a program for larger projects, then DaVinci Resolve is for you. Professional grade with well-designed interfaces, this program is packed full of features. Packed with features like colour correction or HDR support, you can do almost all kinds of editing thanks to its intuitive design.

filmora interface

A no-nonsense program for novice filmmakers, this program starts with a handy introduction into the world of film editing.

With “Easy Mode” you can create a finished video in a matter of minutes, or expand to “Full Feature” for more options such as overlays and split-screen effects. The downside is that there is a watermark in exported videos when you use the free version.

Supporting a variety of file types, you can save yourself the hassle of converting your raw files. Add subtitles, flip and rotate the clips and adjust colours, this is program benefits from a handy wiki explaining most functions.

blender interface

This program is more than just a simple video editing tool – you can even craft  3D animations. In addition to the 32 slots available for adding clips and images, animations can be modelled and rendered to add that extra something to your projects.

10. iMovie

imovie interface

One of the classic programs, iMovie still upholds its reputation as a reliable tool for amateur projects. While the features aren’t as extensive as other softwares, its minimalistic and elegant interface ensures that it remains a firm favourite amongst video editors.


Don’t put your filmmaking dreams on hold any longer! This list offers you a variety of different programs to try out, whether you’re a seasoned editor or at the beginning of your foray into video compilation. Although these tools differ from each other, each program is an excellent alternative to costlier versions and will give you great results.

Just pick the one that you prefer! If you found a better video editing software that you like, don’t forget to recommend it to us here!