Create the perfect intro clip for your video with

OFFEO’s YouTube intro maker

Our custom YouTube intro maker gives you the chance to design a stunning,
animated intro with our wide variety of editing tools

An intro maker that
anyone can use

Many intro softwares are expensive and difficult to navigate, but OFFEO’s YouTube video maker is designed to make your work as simple as possible! With our interactive, clear editing tools and animation options, you can create a high quality intro clip to accompany your YouTube video in a matter of hours. Best of all, this intro maker is a completely free feature for users with OFFEO accounts.

Design an engaging intro video in

5 easy steps


Log on to your OFFEO account and select “Intro Maker” in our “Browse” menu


Browse our specialized collection of intro templates until you find one that suits your YouTube video.


Customize the template by changing its color, text, and sound.


Change the structure and length of your video by editing each frame


Confirm your selections and let our cloud-rendering video software process your new intro!

Provide a professional sneak-peek into your video

Our YouTube intro maker has stunning animation and editing features that can help turn your video content into an engaging clip that leaves your audience interested.

They can be used to give your audience a hint of upcoming projects or products, and can display your company’s professional marketing techniques.

screenshot of 3 different styles of intro maker videos presented like cards

Detailed frame-by-frame editing

OFFEO’s YouTube intro maker gives you the chance to adjust the features and visual settings in each frame of your intro video. This gives you the chance to create a truly dynamic clip that will hold your audience’s attention all the way through.

Almost every feature is customizable


Change the color scheme throughout the video


Monitor and adjust the video quality of your intro as each frame progresses.


Adjust your intro’s animation details, (such as the reveal of your logo or the transition between frames) as you edit the general structure of your intro.

Features just for YouTube intro videos

Our templates are specifically created to accompany YouTube videos in terms of formatting, dimensions, and transitions.

Simply input your content and audiovisual preferences, and let our software transform your template into a stunning intro that perfectly introduces your next big idea.


Since this is an intro for a YouTube video, can I share it anywhere else?

Yes, definitely! Although our YouTube intro maker creates intros that work best on YouTube, they can definitely be downloaded as mp4 files that work on other social media platforms as well.


Can I create multiple intros for the same YouTube video?

Sure you can use the same video as a base for your intro, and we have features that allow you to save a copy, so you can make small changes or updates as well


Do the animation and editing features available to me depend on my OFFEO plan?

Yes, users with our premium plans will have access to more advanced animation tools, but we have ensured that there are enough editing and customization options in our free version of our YouTube intro maker as well!


Do you have tips on how to promote a YouTube intro video?

Your OFFEO intro video can be shared on several social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram), and is very easy to download from our site. If you’d like more varied promotion options, visit our Ad Maker section to see if there are any promotional materials that you’d like to use!