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OFFEO’s Slideshow Maker

OFFEO’s new Slideshow Maker can help you design an engaging, clear slideshow presentation with a variety of media elements.

Create a truly dynamic slideshow

Our slideshow maker offers you the chance to combine any number of audio tracks, videos, and images to create a video that can interest and educate your audience at the same time! There’s no limit on the amount of media that you can add, so upload as many images and videos as you’d like to your OFFEO library.

Construct a stunning slideshow in

5 Easy Steps


Log on to your OFFEO account and select “Slideshow Maker” from our menu.


Choose a base template for your presentation, or choose to start from scratch.


Upload any pictures, music, or video files that you want to include in your slideshow.


Adjust your template’s visual features and customize the text on your slides.


Download your design and start sharing it!

Professional but entertaining

One of the primary goals of our slideshow maker is to make dry business presentations engaging and memorable for your audience, and we offer a wide selection of animation tools and music for this purpose. However, we also know that slideshows are often used for marketing purposes, and our high-quality video processor will help you produce a presentation that is appropriate for professional events as well.

Specialized range of fonts

We understand that the text in slideshow presentations is very important, and want to help you create a presentation that has a clear message but is also visually appealing. We have curated a collection of fonts specifically for this purpose, so simply choose one that you like and use it to format all of the text in your slideshow.

Highly customizable

You can adjust each of the following features within your slideshow template:


Color scheme and animations within each slide


Transitions between different slides


Different audio files throughout the entire presentation

Endless sharing options

Once OFFEO has finished processing your slideshow, download it and present it in person, post it on social media, or use the online link that we provide to send it via email or other messaging platforms.


What formats can I download my presentation in?

Usually, because it’s a video, the slideshow file will be downloaded as mp4. We also offer the option to download the slides individually, and these are available as PDFs or JPEG files.


Can I edit the length of time that each slide is presented for?

Yes, you can adjust the duration of each slide and change the transitions between consecutive slides as part of our interactive editing software. This means that you are able to alter the duration of the entire video as well.


What if my slideshow isn’t playing correctly after I download it?

Often, playback issues can be resolved if you re-download your slideshow from your OFFEO account. However, if your presentation is still not playing properly, contact us at [email protected] and one of our video specialists will get in touch with you to fix the problem.


Can I add text on top of other media files that I upload to my slideshow?

Yes, definitely! We offer the option to input text almost anywhere in your presentation, and our editing tools can help you determine the clearest areas to feature your content.