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Find the video template that works for you! OFFEO caters to a broad range of businesses, from marketing and e-commerce companies to social media managers. Pick a template from our wide selection, and customize it with our drag-and-drop animation tools.

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sound, colors, and video length

Using our interactive editing tools and let our cloud rendering software do the rest!

Before you know it, you’ll have a video tailored to your specifications, without having to use complex animation softwares.

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Create new video with our sizing guide or get inspired by our collection of designer templates, organized by theme.


Customize your video with your brand color, font and suitable images.


Enhance your video by adding our wide selection of animated graphics to the video.


Choose the suitable music from our extensive library to complete the video.


Press “Download” and wait for our cloud rendering software to create your new masterpiece in seconds!

OFFEO requires no
professional experience

Just input your business content and logo into one of our templates, choose your color, font, and audio track, and then sit back and wait for your video to be created.

Our cloud rendering software quickly and efficiently curates videos in a matter of seconds.

We have a video
for every occasion

OFFEO provides templates that are specifically structured for the introduction of a company, for holidays, and for social media accounts.

We hope that our selection of video formats will inspire you to get creative when marketing your company or idea.

You can use this feature to build a collection of pictures, videos, and logos that you can use in all future promotional material for your business.


1. How long does it usually take for OFFEO to curate a video?

We aim to deliver completed videos to our customers within minutes of their download request. Contact us if you haven’t received your video 3 hours after requesting it.


2. What social media platforms can I share OFFEO videos on?

Our videos play very well on both Facebook and Instagram, but can also be used on professional websites for small businesses or corporations. Check our sizing guide in the “How it Works” tab to find out which video aspect ratio will work best for your chosen platform.


3. Can I change the color scheme and images at different points in the video?

Yes! Our editing tools allow you to change the format of the video in each frame, so you can change the color, text, font, and sound in the video as many times as you’d like. Our drag-and-drop animation techniques make these changes very easy to implement.


4. Are these videos suitable for businesses trying to advertise a new product?

Definitely! We have several video designs that are tailored to the promotion of products, including introduction, marketing, and e-commerce templates. Simply pick one and start customizing your video to suit your product and advertising style.