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Our cutting-edge logo animation software can add a new dimension to your company’s logo and can make your brand more recognizable to your audience.

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A simple but powerful branding strategy

Logos are one of the more important features to share when promoting your business. OFFEO’s Logo Animation Maker gives you the chance to take your logo and turn it into a short, engaging animation clip with our broad range of interactive editing tools and templates. These animations can be used to introduce other marketing videos, or can be presented alone as powerful symbols of your business and ideas.

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Create your free OFFEO account and login to the platform.

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Choose a template from our wide selection of designs


Upload your logo to your OFFEO file library and add to your animation.

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Choose the color palette and animation format that best suits your logo.


Let OFFEO process your animation for you and start using it to promote your business.

a screenshot taken of the OFFEO platform. It shows the exporting process of a video and how a user can download in 3 different formats of mp4, mov and gif

Browse through our fun, interesting templates

Our templates give you the chance to be innovative with your new logo animation. From outdoor scenery to complex geometric designs, the possibilities for your animated clip are endless, so be sure to take a look at all of the designs that we offer.

Create a truly versatile animation

There are several different ways to share your new logo animation:


Share your new logo clip on social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)


Display your animation as a video billboard advertisement to gain visibility for your business and brand.


Use your logo animation clip to introduce your company’s videos or presentations

Advanced animation software

Our Logo Animation Maker features high-quality animation software that allows you to create a professional animation for no cost at all!

Even better, OFFEO’s logo animation maker requires no coding or graphic design experience, so anyone can create a stunning logo in a matter of minutes.

Couple with other OFFEO creations

Because logo animations can serve as great intros to other videos, you can pair your logo animation with other video clips you create on OFFEO, such as commercials, YouTube intros, or regular business videos.

Simply upload your logo animation to your normal video library, and add it into your main video to complete your new video masterpiece!


Do I need to have a finished logo to use OFFEO’s Logo Animation Maker?

Yes, our Logo Animation Maker requires a completed logo to incorporate into an animation template. You may also use OFFEO to design a new logo or other image editing software to finalize a design you are happy with.


How long can the animations be?

There isn’t strict limit on the length of our logo animations. However, we recommend your logo animation be less than 3 seconds and we find that this is generally a sufficient amount of time to reveal and showcase a business logo.


Can I change the speed of the animation?

Yes. Like most of our other video and animation makers, our logo animation software gives you the ability to edit your clip frame by frame, meaning that you can speed up certain sections or alter your transitions as needed.


What kind of color and sound options are available for each template?

We have several color palettes that can be applied to each template, as well as several sound track options. Browse through them to find out which ones fit your logo and business ideas.