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Start animating texts, add or edit design elements, customize frame by frame and much more. With OFFEO's Kinetic Typography Maker, take full control over designing your next Kinetic Typography video. Breathe life into your texts without any video editing experience at all!

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Not sure where or how to start? Try experimenting with one of our Kinetic Typography templates that catches your eye. Make changes and edits from there on. Create a Kinetic Typography video within minutes

Stomp Dynamic Text
Ink Reveal Impact
Digital Glitch Text
Brush Stroke Reveal
Fast Speed Typography
Fun typography
Impactful Glitch
Red Strong Typography
Lens Flare Reveal

How to use OFFEO's Kinetic Typography Templates?

Simply choose from our wide selection of high quality, professionally designed typography templates and your designs will be created in minutes.

  1. Select your favourite design

    Browse through the designs we have for you and select it to enter into our editor.

  2. Customise by adding your own logo, images and videos

    Each video is unique to your brand. Make tweaks to the color, font and more to let people identify with your brand.

  3. Export your Free Kinetic Typography Video

    Export your video in full HD. You own the full creative, licensing and commercial rights to your videos forever

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Why create with OFFEO's Kinetic Typography Maker?

Online kinetic typography video software, no downloads required

Customize your text animations with different animation styles.

Start creating your video for free!

Experience video creation with OFFEO

Start creating videos for your website,
blog or social media profiles.

Customization options for each frame

OFFEO’s Kinetic Typography maker lets you change all of the following features in each video frame:


Choose the suitable animated background or footages to set the tone for the video.

Text & Color

Choose the color and font for each text block and decorative portion of the ad.

Custom Fonts

Use your brand font or choose from our extensive font library.


Use timing to your advantage. Stagger long sentences into short texts throughout the outro to convey your message effectively.


Choose suitable animation presets to introduce your message effectively.

Add impactful soundtrack to complete your outro.

Choose suitable animation presets to introduce your message effectively.


1. What is kinetic typography?

Kinetic Typography is the technical term for “moving texts”, this is an animation technique where texts and motions are combined to form an animated video.

2. How to make kinetic typography videos?

Pick from one of our kinetic typography templates that catches your eye, edit the template directly by adding texts and soundtracks that are royalty free. Export and you are done.

3. How to generate 3D animated text?

OFFEO’s kinetic typography maker is an easy to use platform where you can generate 3D animated text completely for free.

4. What is the best kinetic typography generator app?

OFFEO is one of the best kinetic typography generator platform as the platform is simple to use and free of charge.

5. Does OFFEO provide kinetic typography templates?

Yes. OFFEO provides a library full of popular and trendy kinetic typography templates for you to choose and use immediately.

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