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OFFEO's free user invitation maker enable you to create a beautiful invitation for social media platformse. Choose from the templates below and add your own graphics and stickers.

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With OFFEO’s free online Invitation Maker, create personalized Invitations from our ready-made templates. From weddings, birthdays, to house warming. No design experience required. Create and export in minutes.

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How to use OFFEO's Invitation Maker?

Create stunning Invitations from our carefully designed ready-made templates. No design skills needed. Simply choose from our wide selection of high quality, professionally designed templates and your invitation will be created in minutes.

  1. Select your favourite design

    Browse through the designs we have for you and select it to enter into our editor.

  2. Personalize by adding your images and graphics

    Make invitation special and unique by customizing to suit your theme. Make changes to the color, font and more to make your invitation unique.

  3. Export your invitation easily

    You can even add motion easily and export video format.

Create Invitation Image and Video with OFFEO

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Why create your Invitation with OFFEO?

Online Invitation Maker, no downloads required

Customize your Invitation further via our user-friendly drag and drop interface

Start creating your Beautiful Invitation for free!

Customization options for each frame

OFFEO’s Twitch Banner maker lets you change all of the following features:


Choose the suitable background or graphics to set the tone for the thumbnail .

Text & Color

Choose the color and font for each text block and decorative portion of the thumbnail.

Custom Fonts

Use your brand font or choose from our extensive font library.

1. Is the Invitation Maker free to download?

Yes! You can download as many invitations or other graphic design or videos for 30 days.

2. Why should I create an Invitation?

Everybody you inviting is essential. A beautiful invitation image or video makes a good impression that encourages your invitee to take action. Very importantly, it is memorable and put a smile on their faces.

3. What else can I do with OFFEO?

With OFFEO, you can create intros, outros and dynamic short social media contents.

More than Invitation Maker, Experience video creation with OFFEO

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