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Shazam! Use this intro for your product if you like dramatic lightning effects.

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Is your product close to a work of art? Try using this product intro inspired by an art canvas.

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Minimalist product intro with one solid background color. Change the color to something that complements your brand.

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Slideshow style product intro. Simple, no-nonsense and straight to the point.

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Product slightly larger than normal in the foreground with mild pastel colors to complement.

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Multiple colored beams give an impression of light speed data transfer. Suitable for introducing tech products.

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With Sakura trees as the backdrop, the setting is perfect for introducing nature or green products.

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Winter is coming. Warm the hearts of your customers with an announcement of sales!

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Fire on fire. Use fire to bring out the character in your product.

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Creating a high quality promo video is often an expensive task,
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1 - Create an Account

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2 - Select Template

Select the categories of templates that suits your business.

3 - Select Music

Select your own sound, music, and text to provide a glimpse of the event or company you are promoting.

a screenshot of the soundtrack selection in the OFFEO video creation workspace.
a screenshot taken of the OFFEO platform. It shows the exporting process of a video and how a user can download logo animation in 3 different formats of mp4, mov and gif

4 - Export

Let our specialized cloud-rendering software process your promo and start sharing it!

Create a promo
for any business

Our promo maker caters to almost any event or business, from IT product launches to movie or video trailers.

Our templates can be adapted to fit any purpose, so look at them closely and see which one may work best for your company.

Professional looking slideshow templates

Use high quality templates

Professional promo videos can be a vital part of the marketing process for a company, and can influence the way that your ideas are received in the future.

At OFFEO, we have very high standards for our videos, and want to help you create the best promo possible. Our templates are specifically formatted to provide you with high quality animation and editing tools, so that you can share a promo that you are proud of.

Share your promo anywhere

Our promo maker caters to almost any event or business, from IT product launches to movie or video trailers.

Our templates can be adapted to fit any purpose, so look at them closely and see which one may work best for your company.

Multiple sharing options

Design your video with specialized tools

Our promo maker has several features that will help take your video to the next level

1 - Video Enhancements

Choose from our range of lighting and quality enhancing tools to make your promo video appear more professional.

2 - Add Music

Add a soundtrack from our audio library or add your own music to engage your audience

3 - Add Animation

Utilize our advanced animation techniques to add complexity to your promo.

4 - Edit Text

Use our variety of text and font options to clearly display the promo’s message


1. How to make a promo video for free?

Create a free account with OFFEO, choose a promo video template and upload your texts, images, graphics and edit it frame by frame. Export the final video and you would have your very own promo video for free.

2. How to make a promo video for free with no watermark?

With OFFEO’s promo video maker, you are able to create promo videos that has no watermark and export it for your own personal or business use.

3. How to make promo videos online?

OFFEO is an online video editing platform where you get to create promo videos online for free with tons of templates to choose from.

4. How do I make short promotional videos?

You can make a short promotional video by using OFFEO’s promo video maker platform. Decide on the duration (how short would it be), what details to include, upload your product, add your logo, and add a call-to-action at the end.

5. How long should a promo video be?

A typical promo video’s duration should be around a range of 2 to 3 minutes.

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