Halloween Video Templates

Are you having a special promotion for Halloween? Check out OFFEO's latest animated Spooky Halloween templates you can use right now for your social posts and video ads. Create your videos in different dimensions for all social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin. Only available in OFFEO.

Trick or Treat

Create an animated video in a few tricks. Treat yourself with not one but thousands of other beautiful video templates. Try different Halloween design templates and easily make variations for A/B testing purposes.

Scarily easy

Use OFFEO's easy to use drag-and-drop functions to design videos that are compelling and effective for your marketing objectives. Choose, customize and create in the cloud easily. Want to get creative? Design with an unlimited library of animated graphics elements. Impress your audience today.


1. Can I use the video I made on OFFEO video maker in any social media platform?

Definitely! When you create the video in OFFEO, the rights belong to you. Simply save your video after our cloud-rendering software has finished processing it, and upload it to the ad manager of your selected social media platform.


2. Can I change the size of my video?

Yes, you can choose to design your ad in any other sizing after completion. Because the change in dimensions may alter the way your texts and images are distributed, we recommend that you choose the size of your ad and your preferred distribution platform before you start designing!


3. What file formats can I download my video in?

For images, you can download them as PNG and JPG files. Video files will be in MP4 and MOV formats.


4. Does it take a long time for a video to be processed for downloading?

Not at all! Upon exporting, it should not take more than a few minutes for your video to be ready to use.


5. Is OFFEO free to use?

Yes, OFFEO has a 30-day free trial for you to try out the platform.


6. Why does my video look blurry on the design composition?

The design composition is optimized for performance and speed. A low-resolution version of the video is used during the designing phase. Export the video to see your videos in full resoluti0n.

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