Bring your ideas to life with our

Animation Maker

OFFEO’s animation maker allows you to create professional
animated videos with no graphic design experience.

With Animation Maker,
all the tools you need are right here

OFFEO’s animation maker provides you with a huge selection of images and graphic design features that you can mix and match to create an animation that fits your needs.

Create your video in

4 easy steps


Log on to OFFEO and choose the
suitable dimension for the video.


Choose a template from the
“Design” menu to use as a starting point.


Use our wide selection of infographics, motion graphics, and images from the “Elements” menu to make the animation your own.


Add transitions and other animation effects to make your animation attention grabbing.


Once you are good with the Live preview, let our animation maker process your clip for you!

Use our animation maker for
Presentations, Promotions and Fun

There are many different uses for animated clips, and OFFEO gives you the opportunity to explore all of them!

Choose a template that fits your purpose from our huge selection, and add graphics from our library to transform it into the animation of your dreams.

You can use your clip for marketing, social media, or personal purposes - it’s entirely up to you.

No Coding or Design
experience necessary

Most people think that creating a professional-level animation requires graphic design experience.
Not with OFFEO’s animation maker!

Our simple, clear templates and drag-and-drop image and video library will make you animation experience quick and easy. You’ll end up with a stunning, high quality animation in a matter of minutes.

Create engaging marketing material

Using an animation to publicize your business ideas can help you reach a wider audience.
Animations can bring your ideas or products to life, and our animation maker gives you the opportunity to create promotional material that truly engages your audience.

Share on the platform of your choice

Our animation maker is incredibly flexible - Here are some options for how you can share your new animations:


Share OFFEO animations as part of
your business’s Facebook,
Instagram, or Twitter posts


Feature your new animation on your
website to draw attention to key
features of your organization


Share directly with friends - once OFFEO processes your animation, you can share the link directly to your friends or email your work with anyone you’d like!


1. How much can I modify the animation template I start with?

As much as you’d like! There are some color and font restrictions on many of our animation and video templates, but with our animation maker, you have full access to our entire image and graphics library, so you can add any of these features to your animation no matter which template you use.


2. What if I have issues with my animation after downloading it from OFFEO?

Your video will be saved on your OFFEO account indefinitely. If you need to re-download or modify any files, simply log back in to your account and select the clips that you need to access. If you have any other trouble, contact our support team at [email protected]


3. Can I start my animation without a template?

Yes, definitely! You can either start from scratch or get inspired and save time with our designer templates. If you browse through our selection, you’ll find that we have templates for a wide variety of purposes and audiences, so check to see if there is one that fits your needs. If there isn’t, let us know and we’ll try to expand our range of templates.


4. Are the images in your animation library copyrighted?

The images and infographics in our library are for your use, and OFFEO gives you permission to use them in your animation the moment you log on to our platform. Because of this, you won’t run into copyright issues by incorporating our images into your animation clip.