Referral Rewards Program

Give $5, receive more

Get up to 50% off on top of your next recurring bill. The more friends you refer, the more savings for up to 50% off. Give more, receive more.

How does it work?

When a friend uses that link to join OFFEO, our system will detect your total referred friends and apply discount code automatically on your account and you will get savings instantly on your next billing cycle!* Here's a milestone to achieve the highest discount.

Blue Status

• Refer 3 friends
• $12 off Promo Code

Silver Status

• Refer 10 friends
• Enjoy 10% off your next billing cycle*
• Unlock Genie Animator

Gold Status

• Refer 25 friends
• Enjoy 20% off your next billing cycle*

Platinum Status

• Refer 50 friends
• Enjoy 30% off your next billing cycle*

Diamond Status

• Refer 100 friends
• Enjoy 50% off your next billing cycle*

* Note that this discount does not stack with existing promo code. If you have an active existing promo code, we will apply the promo code which has the highest discount.


Higher Rewards for more referrals

Each time you crossed a referral milestone, you will be notified by email of your updated referral status.

Referral Settings

Track your progress in OFFEO

The referral page is located right in the menu settings. Simply log in to OFFEO and you can start tracking your referral milestone.


Give more, receive more