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Our slideshow maker offers you the chance to combine audio tracks, videos, and images to create a video that can interest and educate your audience at the same time.

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Create Content That Helps Convert Your Audiences

  1. Take Great Photos

    Take photos that complement your property. Try to use a wide angle lens to make the area look much bigger. Do the necessary colour correction using our adjust tool to add a filter to your image.

  2. Create Constant Content

    Be involved in creating content constantly. It helps to create an impression for your audiences. Your audience will also be increasingly aware of your postings.

  3. Make Content that Provides Advise

    Value add your clients with more information. Make them feel comfortable with what you’re selling. Provide case studies that help them visualise what you’re selling.

Social Media Strategy

  1. Keep Your Video Short

    Base of Facebook stats, once the video is passed the 7 Sec point, the viewership tend to drastically drop. So try to keep your content concise and to the point.

  2. Messaging has to be clear

    Instead of typing long sentences, keep your message short and sweet. As watching the video from mobile devices tend to be smaller, use bigger fonts. And also long sentences tend to be skipped by users.

  3. Build a community of trust

    Customer testimonials are crucial to build confidence with your prospect. Create quotes videos to give advice to your audience.

Better SEO with videos

  1. Creating video content boosts your SEO

    Google/Youtube are among the biggest content platform available. Google stats has proven that having video content will help you get your rankings up much faster. That would in turn have more eyeballs on your listing.

  2. More Creditibility

    Creating visually interesting content help people to receive information much easily. With more content being produced to educate your audience, there will be high engagement level.

  3. Show up in your city

    The top agents has their content everywhere. And these agents tend to post content search terms that are related to your city. So following such a trend will create a bigger web effect for locals to be able to find you.

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