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Create custom YouTube Banners to further distinguish yourself and capture your viewers attention and increase your subscriber count today. Design a high quality banner within minutes from our ready-made YouTube Banner templates.


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With OFFEO’s online Youtube Banner Maker, create amazing-looking banners from our ready-made templates. No design experience required. Simply choose from our selection of professionally designed Youtube Banner templates and your banner will be created in minutes.

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How to use OFFEO's Online Youtube Banner Maker?

With OFFEO’s online Youtube Banner maker, create stunning Youtube Banners from our ready-made templates. All without any design skills. Simply choose from our wide selection of high quality, professionally designed templates and your Youtube Banner will be created in minutes.

  1. Select your favourite design

    Browse through the designs we have for you and select it to enter into our editor.

  2. Customise by adding your own logo, images and graphics

    Make tweaks so your Youtube Banner is unique to your channel. Make changes to the color, font and more to let people identify with your Youtube Channel.

  3. Export your

    Export your image in 2560 x 423px. You own the full creative, licensing and commercial rights to your Youtube Banner.

Why create your Youtube Banner with OFFEO?

Online Youtube Banner maker software, no downloads required

Customize your Youtube Banner further via our user-friendly drag and drop interface

Start creating your Youtube Banner!

Customization options for each frame

OFFEO’s Youtube Banner maker lets you change all of the following features in each video frame:


Choose the suitable background or graphics to set the tone for the banner.

Text & Color

Choose the color and font for each text block and decorative portion of the banner.

Custom Fonts

Use your brand font or choose from our extensive font library.


1. What size are youtube banners?

The ideal size of a Youtube banner that is recommended by youtube would be 2560px wide by 1440px tall.

2. How to make youtube banners?

Make use of OFFEO’s free Youtube banner maker, select from a collection of free youtube banner templates and customize your own, after which you can export it into your computer and there you have it, your very own youtube banner.

3. What's the resolution for youtube banners?

The recommended resolution that your videos should be is a aspect ratio of 16:9, anything else that isn’t will end up having black bars on the sides or the video will look distorted.

4. How do you make cover art for Youtube?

Create a free account with OFFEO, pick a youtube banner template that catches your eye or fits your channel, start tweaking from the template and personalized it to fit your channel, then export it.

5. Where can I get youtube banner Ideas?

You may check out popular channels or bigger youtubers that you look up to, 0r even head over to sites like pinterest to get more inspiration.

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