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OFFEO’s online video presentation maker

Creating video presentations has never been easier with OFFEO's Video Presentation Maker. Create compelling high quality videos that can effectively convey your message across to your viewers. Add custom graphics, royalty free audio and images to enhance the video presentation experience. No prior video editing background is needed at all.

Join your ideas in one seamless video

OFFEO’s presentation maker gives you the opportunity to input your ideas for your presentation and link them together into one coherent video. This allows you to develop the ideas you are discussing more, and will help tie your argument together more effectively.

Start creating your video presentation with these

5 Easy Steps


Create an account on OFFEO and log on.


Click on “Video Presentation” in our menu.


Browse our selection of presentation layouts, and select one that fits the vision that you have for your presentation.


Input your information for each slide and choose your favorite animation style from our wide selection.


Let OFFEO process your video for you, and then download it to begin presenting!

Combine your resources with ours

Our pres ntation maker has a huge library of images and audio files that you can use to develop your video, but we have room for your personal files as well! To use your own images or sound tracks in your video, simply upload them to your OFFEO library and incorporate them into your video at any time.

Professional looking slideshow templates

Easy-to-use interface

No professional video-making experience is required to design a video presentation on OFFEO! Our presentation maker has a highly interactive format with drag-and-drop animation tools and a standard presentation view, so you can prepare your presentation like a PowerPoint and then let OFFEO transform your work into a high quality video.

Extensive customization options

In addition to being easy to navigate, our presentation maker has a huge number of options when it comes to editing your presentation:


Change the color and background images in any frame, at any time


Use our animation tools to bring any diagrams or figures in your presentation to life


Change the length of each slide (frame) according to the time that you would normally spend presenting that section

Use our templates as inspiration

It’s very easy to get stuck when planning our presentation. Our presentation maker can help! We offer detailed templates that you can start your presentation with, and they can give you ideas about how to structure your ideas and link your frames together.

Get Started


1. Can I still include stationary diagrams and graphs?

Absolutely! We know that there are some figures that are better left unanimated, so you are free to use our animation tools for as many or as few diagrams as you’d like. You will still be able to have music and other visual elements playing at the same time, so your audience can focus on the diagram without losing interest in the presentation.

2. how to make a video presentation with pictures and music?

Simply choose one of OFFEO’s free video presentation templates, upload pictures to selected slides, and add music or select from a list of royalty free resources available on the platform.

3. How to make a birthday video presentation?

Pick a birthday video presentation template from OFFEO, start uploading pictures and videos of the birthday girl/boy and change colours and texts to fit the occasion and export it.

4. How to make a powerpoint presentation into a video?

After you are happy with your final edits of your powerpoint presentation, you may choose to export it as a video format. Else you can make use of OFFEO’s video presentation maker to create your very own video presentations and export it into a video as well.

5. How to make video presentation?

You can make video presentation with OFFEO’s video presentation maker for free. Tons of free video presentation templates for you to choose from.

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