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Add royalty free images and music, add motion graphics, edit from pre-made slideshow templates, design winning slideshows that to stand out from the crowd. Do more with OFFEO's Slideshow Maker. Convey your message or experiences without much design experience at all.


Create a Dynamic Slideshow Video

With OFFEO Slideshow Maker, you are able to transform static images into dynamic videos with audio tracks, video footage, and animated graphic assets. Enhancing the slideshow experience for your audience.

Bring your slideshow to the next level

Present with style. Let your video do the talking. With our ready made designs, creating a great slideshow video is really easy.


Using a stark contrast of black and white, this stylish slideshow maker template is as mesmerizing as it is engaging. How better to gain attention from your users than having a video that begs to be replayed.


Inspired by Mordernism and De Stijl, this style combines a series of simple shapes as a backdrop but focus is always brought back to the main image. It’s also a great design to keep a top-of-mind awareness in your audiences by swapping the bold background color to your brand’s primary color.


Black and Gold definitely spells class. If you’re looking to introduce your VIP or a new key product, you’d want to use this range of designs.


A video ad should look no less than a piece of art. Just try pausing at any point in this video and you’ll still be looking at something visually pleasing. Best used with colorful images of your own.


Need to express a lighter mood? Using a range of bright colors, shapes and movement brings out an energetic mood in these templates.


Experience the feeling of new sheets with these designs – Clean design with fresh colors. Illustrate that great product with no other distractions in your video.


Stylized slideshow template with random letters scattered around the video. A worded description doesn’t do this design series justice. Play the preview and recognize how amazing it is to announce your events with.


Perfect for personnel and products that are remotely related to tech. Did you notice the subtle lens flare that simulates a welding process? Kind of reminds you of a certain superhero that loves you 3000.


Fashion-forward slideshow. Showcase your boutique in this minimal yet elegant design.


The world’s favorite two letters, A.I., crystalized in video form. Convince your involvement in the forefront of technology with this slideshow design series.

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Create slideshow easily

5 Easy Steps to create using Slideshow Maker

1 - Login

Log on to your OFFEO account and select “Slideshow Maker” from our menu.

Register or Login easily
Library of templates

2 - Choose Template

Choose a base template for your presentation, or choose to start from scratch.

3 - Upload Assets

Upload any pictures, music, or video files that you want to include in your slideshow.

Upload images to the platform
Full creative control on slideshow maker

4 - Customize

Adjust your template’s visual features and customize the text on your slides.

5 - Download

Download your design and start sharing it!

Exporting and downloading formats

Professional and memorable

One of the primary goals of our slideshow maker is to make dry business presentations engaging and memorable for your audience, and we offer a wide selection of animation tools and music for this purpose. However, we also know that slideshows are often used for marketing purposes, and our high-quality video processor will help you produce a presentation video that is appropriate for professional events as well.

Professional looking slideshow templates

Specialized range of fonts

We understand that the text messaging in slideshow presentations is very important. We want to help you create a slideshow video that has a clear message and also visually appealing. We have curated a collection of professional fonts specifically for this purpose.

Typefaces and fonts available on slideshow maker

Highly customizable

You can adjust each of the following features within your slideshow template:

1 - Choose Color scheme

Color scheme and animations within each slide

Slideshow maker Interface
Impressive transitions for video

2 - Add Transitions

Transitions between different slides

3 - Choose Music

Different audio files throughout the entire presentation

List of soundtracks available on OFFEO

Easy to Share

Once OFFEO Slideshow maker has finished processing your slideshow video, download it and present it in person, post it on social media, or use the online link that we provide to send it via email or other messaging platforms.

Multiple sharing options


1. How do I make a slideshow of pictures?

Select a free slideshow template from OFFEO, simply just go to the designated slide that you wish to add your own images to, upload and add it in.

2. What is a good slideshow maker?

A good slideshow maker should not only have a robust but simple to use platform, it should also provide tons of templates for you to maximize productivity and save time.

5. Can I add text on top of other media files that I upload to my slideshow?

Yes, definitely! We offer the option to input text almost anywhere in your presentation, and our editing tools can help you determine the clearest areas to feature your content.

Edit Your Videos Easily With OFFEO Today!

Work on a robust platform that simplifies your editing process and maximize productivity. Create content that is suitable for your website, blog or social media effortlessly.

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