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Design a breathtaking music visualizer that is in sync with your beats and music track. Give your videos for Youtube, Facebook and personal music a great touch of audio visualization. With OFFEO's Audio Visualizer, elevate your online music videos with captivating audiovisual spectrums to tap into the sensory of your audience. Use our ready-to-use audio visualizer templates.


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With OFFEO’s online music visualizer maker, create stunning visuals accompanied with your music. This visuals are created to help enhance your music tracks. All without any design skills. Simply choose from our wide selection of high quality, professionally designed outro video templates and your outro will be created in minutes.

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How to use OFFEO's Music Visualizer Templates?

Simply choose from our wide selection of high quality, professionally designed music visualizer templates and your videos will be created in minutes.

  1. Select your favourite design

    Browse through the designs we have for you and select it to enter into our editor.

  2. Customise by adding your own logo, images and videos

    Each video is unique to your music. Make tweaks to the color, font and more to let people identify your brand.

  3. Export your Music Visualizer Video

    Export your video in full HD. You own the full creative, licensing and commercial rights to your video forever

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Why create a music visualizer with OFFEO?

Online music visualizer video software, no downloads required

Customize your video further via our user-friendly drag and drop interface.

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Customization options for each frame

OFFEO’s Music Visualizer lets you change all of the following features in each video frame:


Choose the suitable animated background or footages to set the tone for the video.

Text & Color

Choose the color and font for each text block and decorative portion of the ad.

Custom Fonts

Use your brand font or choose from our extensive font library.


Use timing to your advantage. Stagger long sentences into short texts throughout the outro to convey your message effectively.


Choose suitable animation presets to introduce your message effectively.

Add impactful soundtrack to complete your video.

Choose suitable animation presets to introduce your message effectively.


1. Why should I use a music visualizer video?

Music Visualizers help to make audio-focused contents more interesting and retain attention better.

2. How to make a music visualizer?

Making a music visualizer should not take long. Simply have your music track ready. Sign up with OFFEO for a free account, navigate to a music visualizer template of your choice and start editing away.

3. What is the best music visualizer?

OFFEO is one of the best music visualizer platform for you to use. No prior video editing experience or background is needed. 

4. How does the music visualizer work?

A Music Visualizer syncs and aligns with the music track when it comes to frequency waves, beats and colours. It helps provide viewers with an audiovisual experience. No big budget music video production needed.

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