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Design the perfect animated logo that will elevate your brand today. With OFFEO's Animated Logo Maker, you are able to create and fully customize your very own animated logos that would help you or your brand get noticed immediately.


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Impress your audiences with impressive logo animation.
Suitable for Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and other social media platforms too.
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Less is more. Minimalistic logo animation that mimics a water droplet causing a ripple.


A nice and sleek ink blob reveal logo animation. Neutral ending that’s easy to use and pair with other videos.


Turntable rotation logo animation. Bold colors that spin around before transiting into your logo. Choose colors that compliment your brand colors to maximize the potential of this intro.


Water Bender. Liquid explosion logo animation in pastel colors. Playful and youthful.


Glitch in the code. Futuristic-looking logo animation that’s incorporated into a digital glitch.


Feeling playful? Use this doodle-styled logo animation with pastel colors to bring out the fun side of your brand.


Fire & Smoke. Communicate strength and power with this intense logo animation.


Ripple in space. A collection of dreamy colors spiralling down and bring focus to your logo.


Futuristic themed 3D logo animation that’s suitable for anything that’s tech related


70s Cinema logo animation. An attention-seeking black and white intro that mimics a film projector with a variety of shapes and patterns.


White Ball logo animation. Hop and twirl around with the white ball that leads into the logo.


Explosive action. Ever wanted a intro of a missle being shot from the sky? We can’t think of any reason not to use something as epic as this.


Digital smoke. Slightly mysterious and sleek feel in this logo animation.


Digital Neon Lights. Get the feeling of a sci-fi movie logo animation with this template.


A clean looking intro. Playful droplets of water revealing your logo.


Burst of colors in the form of smoke evaporating and eventually revealing your logo.


Just like magic. A ring of fire circling around your logo implodes and revealing your copy.


Inspired by the futuristic Iron Man, get your logo revealed at the heart of the template.


Does flowers make your heart flutter? Petals turn into butterflies revealing your logo animation in this unique template.


Mesmerizing beams of color convene at the center that explodes into your logo.


A simple play of black and white geometric shapes to reveal a logo.


A blend of Mr. Robot and The Matrix. Get your intro done in a “hacker” style with this template.


Snakes, lines and ladders. Fun geometric shapes flying around to convene in the center to reveal your logo.


Explosive action 3D logo animation. Epic feeling with rocks exploding in the foreground and leaving debris behind fading off into your logo.

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Looking for something else?

Here are some products video designs to help you get started easily. Suitable for Facebook/Instagram Feeds


Shazam! Use this animation for your product if you like dramatic lightning effects.


Is your product close to a work of art? Try using this product intro inspired by an art canvas.


Minimalist product animation with one solid background color. Change the color to something that complements your brand.


Slideshow style product intro. Simple, no-nonsense and straight to the point.


Product slightly larger than normal in the foreground with mild pastel colors to complement.


Multiple colored beams give an impression of light speed data transfer. Suitable for introducing tech products.


With Sakura trees as the backdrop, the setting is perfect for introducing nature or green products.


Winter is coming. Warm the hearts of your customers with an announcement of sales!


Fire on fire. Use fire to bring out the character in your product.

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A simple but powerful branding strategy

Logos are one of the more important features to share when promoting your business. OFFEO’s Logo Animation Maker gives you the chance to take your image logo and turn it into a short, engaging animation clip with our broad range of interactive editing tools and templates. These animations can be used to introduce other marketing videos, or can be presented alone as powerful symbols of your business and ideas. Animate a logo easily with OFFEO to promote your brand and gain online presence.

screenshot of 3 different styles of logo animation videos presented like cards

Need something more customizable ?
Create a stunning logo animation in just

5 Easy Steps

1 - Create Account

Create your OFFEO account and login to the platform.

sign in page of OFFEO platform. Shows examples of video templates OFFEO has to offer.

2 - Choose Template

Choose a template from our wide selection of designs

3 - Upload Logo

Upload your logo to your OFFEO file library and add to your animation.

screenshot taken of OFFEO's workspace and working on a intro template

4 - Choose Colors

Choose the color palette and animation format that best suits your logo.

5 - Export

Let OFFEO process your animation for you and start using it to promote your business. Logo videos makes your logos more prominent.

a screenshot taken of the OFFEO platform. It shows the exporting process of a video and how a user can download logo animation in 3 different formats of mp4, mov and gif

Browse through our fun, interesting templates

Our templates give you the chance to be innovative with your new logo animation. From outdoor scenery to complex geometric designs, the possibilities for your animated clip are endless, so be sure to take a look at all of the designs that we offer.

Logo animation in different styles

Create logo animation that's truly versatile

There are several different ways to share your new logo animation:

1 - Share

Share your new logo animation on social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube etc.)

Different ways to share exported logo animation video
Different templates in the online video maker

2 - Display Anywhere

Display your logo animation as a video billboard advertisement to gain visibility for your business and brand. OFFEO's Logo animator makes things easy.

3 - Introduce Company

Use your logo animation clip to introduce your company’s videos or presentations

Advanced animation software

Our Logo Animation Maker features high-quality animation software that allows you to create a professional animation for no cost at all! Animate logo easily.

Even better, OFFEO’s Animated Logo Maker / online 3d logo animation maker, requires no coding or graphic design experience, so anyone can create a stunning logo in a matter of minutes.

Couple with other OFFEO creations

Because logo animations can serve as great intros to other videos, you can pair your logo animation with other video clips you create on OFFEO, such as commercials, YouTube intros, or regular business videos.

Simply upload your logo animation to your normal video library, and add it into your main video to complete your new video masterpiece!


How to animate my logo?

Upload your logo to OFFEO, add custom animations to make your logo animated. Export it and you have yourself an animated logo.

2. How to create animated logo?

Select a free animation template after creating an account with OFFEO. Start editing and choose your very own unique animation to add for your logo.

3. Where can I use my animated logo?

You can use your animations at social media profiles or even for your YouTube intro or outro.

4. How to create a Warner animation group logo?

First upload the border of Warner, add in the initials of Warner animation group, add a couple of clouds from the stock images and add in animations to complete it

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