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OFFEO provides a wide variety of sizes for your ad. It is suitable for almost any digital platform. Be it Facebook or Instagram, or a paper flyer or poster. The options are endless!

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Design the perfect ad for your business in

5 Easy Steps

1 - Create Account

Get started by creating an account in OFFEO

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2 - Select Right Size

Select the right sizing format for your ad,
based on the platform you need.

3 - Choose Template

Choose a designer template or
design from scratch easily

Library of templates
Slideshow maker Interface

4 - Edit Design

Edit the design by altering the colors and texts,
add your product images or videos

5 - Export

Confirm your edits, download
your new ad, and start sharing it!

Exporting and downloading formats

Edit in seconds

OFFEO’s Ad Maker is so interactive and easy to use that you can return to your ad and make changes in almost no time at all.

Our drag-and-drop editing features and accessible toolbar allow you transform your entire ad with almost no effort.

Full creative control on slideshow maker

Add and save your
own media library

Any images or videos that you upload to OFFEO will be saved in your graphics library. This means that these images can be accessed whenever you might need them again.

You can use this feature to build a collection of pictures, videos, and logos that you can use in all future promotional material for your business.

Customise your ad with our interactive editing tools

OFFEO ad maker gives you the ability to modify details of your ad

1 - Design Composition

Adjust your ad’s spatial organization, from the placement of text boxes to the alignment
of headings and images.

2 - Choose Color and Font

Choose the color and font for each text block and decorative portion of the ad.

3 - Enhance

Take advantage of the template’s flexibility and change the features you don’t like, while keeping the overall structure the same.

Full creative control on slideshow maker

4 - Add Effects

Add borders, shading, and animated effects to make your ad more engaging.


1. What makes a good advertisement?

A good advertisement should be one that is memorable. One that is easy to the eyes, easy to recall. The advertisement should resonate with your target audience and they should be able to relate to it.

2. How to use an ad maker?

Make use of OFFEO’s ad maker with a straightforward drag and drop interface. Add in your product image, the promotion that entails with it, edit the design elements and download it after you are done

3. How do I make my own Commercials?

Plan and brainstorm a storyboard, make sure you know how your commercials should look like in your mind. Translate it into a video format via OFFEO’s ad maker.

Edit Your Videos Easily With OFFEO!

Simplify your design process and create content effortlessly.