Beginner’s Guide for Creating Animated Videos

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Welcome to the beginner’s guide for OFFEO.

This post is helps facilitate your understanding on the OFFEO platform, finding your way around and using it to create videos to suit your requirements.

Here’s a two minute video illustrating the entire flow of the video creation process in OFFEO.

If you prefer to go through the crash course step-by-step with the guidance of simple and clear instructions then continue to read on!

To start, take a look at the infographic below:

You’ll learn in detail how to:

1) Work with background

2) Work with text

3) Work with media

4) Work with elements

5) Work with music

6) Download and share your creation

Creating effective animated videos is made easy with OFFEO – you don’t have to be an expert. Templates provide inspirations and act as a stepping stone for you goal. A wide range of template categories ensures that you have something to start with regardless of your purpose.

One good example of the template categories is Logo Animations. Take a look at some examples below! Simply click on the any of these to start editing them for your own brand right away.

Minimal Logo Template in HD format

Circle Logo Animation Template in IG post (square) format

Liquid Logo Animation Template in IG story (portrait) format

In each template that you choose, you have full control. Tweak certain elements, adjust the visuals and add your personalized text to suit your preferences.


1) Working with a background

After choosing your desired template, explore the color wheel and select the best color suited for the background of your design. If you need hex codes for specific colors, we’ve got you covered. Choose from an array of color palette like “Pastel”, “Gradient, “Summer”, “Autumn”, “Home Decor” and even “Shades of Blue”.

Take a look at one of our color palette inspirations:

If you like how these colors pair, use the # codes and paste it into the custom color field.

Alternatively, you can opt for an animated background (click Background icon > Patterns tab) to provide more movement for your video.


2) Work with text

Click the Text icon and insert a text box. Explore the fonts and choose your favorite one!
OFFEO has a variety of options to edit your font. You can adjust the font spacing, line height, text colors, and the opacity of text to make your message stand out.
Once you’re done with how it looks, we advise that you animate how your text appears. Use the “Genie Animator” tool to automatically animate all your text in.


3) Work with media

Go to the media icon (on the left column of the screen) and click the “Swap” button (under styling on the right column) to switch to your desired image. Thereafter, click “My files” icon (left column) and upload your desired image and click on it to be swapped (with the image that comes with the template). This is so that you can save the effort of resizing your image to fit nicely in the template!


4) Work with elements

Go to the “Elements” tab and drag the timeline slider (at the bottom of the screen) to where the animated element is mid-way in action. Click on the animated element and change it to your preferred color!

Alternatively, you can add/remove any elements up to your creative direction! Our advice for beginners is to freely explore the “Graphics”, “Shapes”, “Lines”, “Effects” and “Masks” tabs under the “Elements” page to see what our platform has to offer! Certainly, there are tons of interesting animated elements to play around with!

5) Work with music

Upon clicking the ”Music” tab (left column), explore the selection of music available and choose your preferred song! Lastly, simply edit the music by adjusting its volume and choose if you want the music to fade in/out.

Don’t forget to constantly preview your changes by entering the “Spacebar” button on your keyboard or click the “Play” button that’s right above the canvas!

6) Download and share your creation

Finally, your video is ready to be published and shared with others! Click the “Render” button (top right of screen) and select the “MP4” format for general usage or sharing on social media. You may choose the “MOV” format if you would prefer a higher resolution video, otherwise, MP4 format is generally suitable for all purposes! Alternatively, you can also export your creation in GIF format! Last but not least, by dragging the timeline slider to your desired frame, you can download a still image of the video by selecting “JPG”, “PNG” or “PDF” format.

This concludes our Beginners’ guide on learning how to use OFFEO to create amazing animated videos! We hope that you’ve found it useful and if you have any ideas or doubts to clarify with us, please don’t hesitate to drop us an email via [email protected]. At any point in time when you require help during your video creation process, simply reach out to us by clicking the chat button located on the bottom left side of the screen!